Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kisses from Manila and Hugs from Jersey

Kisses from Manila and Hugs from Jersey

Here’s an old photo that was taken months ago and as I can remember, it was a week away before my good friend Trina went back to New Jersey. It was for her line, StyleCentre by TrinaCruz which by far wasn’t able to have an online debut because on her farewell party, everything that we had for the shoot was sold in a matter of minutes! :)

I’ve got lots of reasons to elaborate and basically, for me, I am extremely inspired by her and more importantly, this isn’t about competition. It is about expressing things on how we love retail therapy and posing for the camera! And the fact that she encouraged me to join fashion blogging which is to name a few, CHICtopia!

Here’s some of her awesome entries:

TrinaloveTrina on VS lingerie, Joyce Leslie leggings, Forever21 purse and head piece and Bamboo shoes
TrinaloveTrina on a Urban Outfitters denim top, Forever21 shorts, hat and belt, Charlotte Russe clogs

TrinaloveTrina on a pink Joyce Leslie dress and Forever21 shoes

TrinaloveTrina on CHICtopia FRONT PAGE!
Her style is more on being edgy and as someone who knew her by heart, she’s definitely unpredictable. She can wear doll shoes to sky high boots; to neon tanks to plain Jane cardigans. When you get to shop with her, it will only take seconds for her to come up with an ensemble and the preparing is much longer than the time she allotted for shopping! But nevertheless, she’s such a keeper. Undoubtedly!

Someone told me if we’re competing with each other. I want to ask her, but I know she’ll laugh her ass out on that one. I’ve never had a sister and I guess the kind of friendship that we had is something “sisterhood” could more have. I extremely inspired by her and so of in the future. And I’m glad she’s someone I'll always look up to. Thanks for the friendship Queen! I'll see you in what, 6-7 more months? :)

Synched minds = FIERCE FRIENDSHIP!


Xs and Os,,,


Monday, September 20, 2010

20th of the 9th

My second official post! This past week came by is such a blur every time my Mum gets home, I’m going gaga over the time that I needed to spare in order for me to be with her. She usually spends 30 days here in Manila and 6 months in Saudi Arabia (she’s a Nurse) I never get to experience Mum and Daughter bonding as I was raised by my grandparents. No regrets though, because, I was given all the luxury that a little girl can have from her parents. So I always make it to the point that somehow, I get to bond with my Mum. It’s one of those priceless things that I keep looking forward to every year.

This Forever 21 floral dress is so versatile! It’s already rainy season here in the Philippines and I still get to wear this by adding some layers or just like what I tried. Knee high socks on a white oxfords with ze old trusted clear wayfarer!

Oh well, it’s time to hit the sack! I’ll post another one tomorrow. See y'all!

Xs and Os


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nostalgic-ish Me

I've been composing as to what I'm going to blog for the last couple of minutes I finally opened this site. Beyond all the explorations and observations from all of those inspiring online and fashion bloggers, I somehow got the guts to make my own. I'm not actually wanting to be popular but I girl can dream, ey?! LOL.

Anyway, I'll start out by saying that I hate rainy days! I hate being splattered with mud outside and the feeling of being prisoned inside your room, can't do anything outdoors but to stare blankly at those not so good TV cable shows. And also the fact that a year from this month, Metro Manila had a scary visitor in the name of "Ondoy" or "Katsana". I'm scared knowing that it can happen anytime, ANYWHERE. But I have a strong faith that GOD had thought each and every Filipinos a very alarming lesson, to take care of his precious gifts and to be mindful that he's our boss and no one else. :)

On a lighter note, I'm loving the fall season! On the fashion scene, I mean. We may not have that season here as it's always Summer and Rainy - yet, all the layering fascinates me the most! I love how Europeans, Koreans and Americans and the stylish Pinoys all over the world experiments on how to mix and match pieces on their wardrobe. Here in Manila, fall mania also occurs not to all but to some who can pull it all out! I've been in CHICtopia for about 4 months now and indeed, inspirations are outpouring and I can't even decide sometimes what to buy (esp. in Forever 21 Manila) I wonder what's the next trend this coming yuletide season - as years goes by, I thought every year - new ideas. But when I finally understand that padded blazers came from the late 80s-90s, printed and neon tights came from the 80's, boho head dress from the 70s and swing/pleated dresses are from the 60s alongside the lace gloves were all just resurrecting but all with an added twist and creative comeback trend. I love how people activate their creativity, esp. when it comes to fashion. One up for that one! :) Oh well, this will be my very first blog w/ full details. I'll try to compose the normal post of me as days progressed.

Till next sweet loves!!

Xs and Os,


Monday, September 13, 2010

First time entry

Now what?! :)

I've always loved writing. It's a hobby - err, no it's simply passion. I love to sit and convert all of my emotions using the most reliable pen and paper. But since blogging became a popular trend recently, I also tried my luck if it'll work for me. (keeping my fingers crossed to this!)

So, what's in it for me here in blogspot?! Well that's for y'all to see and for me to find out. Till then lovelies!! :)