Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nostalgic-ish Me

I've been composing as to what I'm going to blog for the last couple of minutes I finally opened this site. Beyond all the explorations and observations from all of those inspiring online and fashion bloggers, I somehow got the guts to make my own. I'm not actually wanting to be popular but I girl can dream, ey?! LOL.

Anyway, I'll start out by saying that I hate rainy days! I hate being splattered with mud outside and the feeling of being prisoned inside your room, can't do anything outdoors but to stare blankly at those not so good TV cable shows. And also the fact that a year from this month, Metro Manila had a scary visitor in the name of "Ondoy" or "Katsana". I'm scared knowing that it can happen anytime, ANYWHERE. But I have a strong faith that GOD had thought each and every Filipinos a very alarming lesson, to take care of his precious gifts and to be mindful that he's our boss and no one else. :)

On a lighter note, I'm loving the fall season! On the fashion scene, I mean. We may not have that season here as it's always Summer and Rainy - yet, all the layering fascinates me the most! I love how Europeans, Koreans and Americans and the stylish Pinoys all over the world experiments on how to mix and match pieces on their wardrobe. Here in Manila, fall mania also occurs not to all but to some who can pull it all out! I've been in CHICtopia for about 4 months now and indeed, inspirations are outpouring and I can't even decide sometimes what to buy (esp. in Forever 21 Manila) I wonder what's the next trend this coming yuletide season - as years goes by, I thought every year - new ideas. But when I finally understand that padded blazers came from the late 80s-90s, printed and neon tights came from the 80's, boho head dress from the 70s and swing/pleated dresses are from the 60s alongside the lace gloves were all just resurrecting but all with an added twist and creative comeback trend. I love how people activate their creativity, esp. when it comes to fashion. One up for that one! :) Oh well, this will be my very first blog w/ full details. I'll try to compose the normal post of me as days progressed.

Till next sweet loves!!

Xs and Os,



  1. Love the outfit! <3
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  2. sooo lovely!!!
    I love your skirt!!!
    I'm now following you!!!!